The Sagrada Familia

What do we know about the death of Christ?
We have read about it in the Bible, we have admired paintings, sculptures, engravings…
Hanging on the cross, suffering. The Roman soldier delivering him from his suffering by striking him in the heart with his spear.
In Francisco de Zubaran’s painting we see a hanging Christ with a wound between his lower right ribs. Did the people, centuries ago, know that the heart was not located on the right but rather in the centre left of the human body?
Didn’t the Roman soldier put Christ out of his misery after all?
My interpretation of the Passion is that when he was taken down from the cross, someone suddenly said he was not dead….. We can now speak of a collapsed lung. In the process, one loses consciousness. Christ was taken to a cave where he “miraculously” recovered from his wound. Once he was healed, he fled with Mary Magdalene to France, to the Languedoc, where the Cathars later lived. They lived happily and had ten children.