Imagine, you are a seed.
You fall on the ground in a forrest.
You are lucky.
A root starts to appear.
You grow and become a little plant.
Some animal might step on you.
It might eat you.
Or some human will.
You have become food.

Imagine, you are a little plant.
You grow and grow in the forrest.
You are lucky.
Some flowers appear.
You grow and become a tree.
Some lightning might strike you.
Some human can cut you.
You fall aside.
Cut in slices and off.
Off to the papermill.
You live on in a book.

Imagine, you are a tree.
You are some 100 years old.
They call you Paduk.
Your skin is brownish.
Inside you are red.
Red as fire.
Hard as stone.
You have been cut.
Sliced and used.
Change into a chair, a bed.

Imagine, you are a tree.
You have lived for ages.
One day, you die.
Just like that.
You fall and lie on the ground.
Covered by soil and rocks for ages.
Your composition changes.
You might become charcoal
You might become petrol.
You might become a diamond.
You might become a jewel.
They are all related!

Karma, one never knows……