The story by Henri Ghislain, our reporter in Legnica (Poland), 23/03/2162.

None of us needs to be reminded that, after the two last pandemics (Covid-26 and Covid-154) wich nearly destroyed the entire world population between 2026 and 2154, a coalition of robots came into power. Man made robots used to assist humans in the production of goods and maintaining power. The robots filled the vacuum left by the nearly extinguished human population. In 2155 artificially intellligent robots developed the “Human Object Identification Device”, known as “HUMAN O.I.D.” During recent archeological excavations in Poland, a team lead by Dr. Michal Slodkowski (Poland) and Dr. Zenon Ernest (Belgium), discovered and restored such a HUMAN O.I.D device. In order to maintain power, it was essential for the Robot Coalition to identify whether their subjects had a complete artificial intelligence or a trans-intelligence combining an artificial brain and human empathy. The jack of the device could be plugged into the subject enabling the HUMAN O.I.D to analize the stored data. When the device had completed it’s research, a box like container would open automatically, revealing a heart, when the subject still had human empathy and was consequently considered to be potentially subversive and dangerous. Luckily for us, remaining humans, the robots designed by our ancestors, were built to our image and therefore imperfect. The hardware of the robots in power eventually started to crash, causing them to electrocute themselves and each other. Quite human, I dare say…. The excavated HUMAN O.I.D discovered in Poland will be presended to the world press in the very near future.