La Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia What do we know about the death of Christ? We have read about it in the Bible, we have admired paintings, sculptures, engravings… Hanging on the cross, suffering. The Roman soldier delivering him from his suffering by striking him in the heart with his spear. In Francisco de Zubaran’s painting we see […]

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Imagine, you are a seed. You fall on the ground in a forrest. You are lucky. A root starts to appear. You grow and become a little plant. Some animal might step on you. It might eat you. Or some human will. You have become food. Imagine, you are a little plant. You grow and […]

The Glass Boat

The Glass Boat The sun was shining. At home, not too far from Al-Sukhnah, the sun shone as well, though much brighter. They lived in a little makeshift house built of corrugated plate and reed. They had no gas. No running water. Water was fetched at the nearest oasis, an hour and a half walking […]

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Human O.I.D

NEWSFLASH !!! HUMAN O.I.D The story by Henri Ghislain, our reporter in Legnica (Poland), 23/03/2162. None of us needs to be reminded that, after the two last pandemics (Covid-26 and Covid-154) wich nearly destroyed the entire world population between 2026 and 2154, a coalition of robots came into power. Man made robots used to assist […]


Maria…. Shuffling along, carefully looking at the pavement in front of her, where her old legs are carrying her, Maria moves past the house where I live. One might say she has come to a sudden standstill, but she is going too slow for that. She tries to straighten her aching back but even that […]

Wooden Heart

Wooden Heart I have been lucky. I really have. Pure luck. Some of my friends and fellow sufferers have fared quite differently. Literally. Perished and gone forever. Others have been reincarnated. Technically something terribly complicated and I suspect it took some years. Or centuries. Some distant cousins have, it seems and by hearsay, evolved into […]

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Targets A little nonchalantly, he stood leaning against the window frame, staring dreamily outside. In one hand a glass of Aberlour whiskey, in the other a Romeo y Julieta cigar. Both had lain for years in the living room cupboard surrounded by his reading books. He had never had the opportunity to enjoy them deeply […]


  Wasteland There were millions of them. Billions. Countless. Ocher-coloured. Naked. Dressing each other. Visibly present. Loose cohesion. Solid quicksand. Indelibly present. All around me and as far as the eye could see. They confirmed their habitat. Theirs, not mine. I was out of place. The stranger. But not that I didn’t belong there. I […]

The Toolshed

La Remise (The Toolshed) The old tool shed, built of solid wood, stood at the back of the garden, next to the at least as old chicken coop. The garden was no longer a garden since immemorial time and the chickens had not been seen in ages. Peeling walls, the structure of which had stood […]

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Beauties and beast

Beauty and beasts…. The Evil Magician did not like the person he was. Ones, a long time ago, he was a good Magician. Trying hard to do well, for others, the needful. Doing well had become a fashion, taken for granted. No one was gratefull, no thank you very much. Hence he started disliking people, […]

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